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Cycling is a very exhilarating form of physical exercise and to enjoy it to the full you should be fully prepared for the challenge ahead. This means both you and your bike! The advice given below will be directed at the four rides and those participating in each event.
It is vitally important that the bikes used by participants in all four rides are roadworthy and have had a service before the event. This is for the safety not only of the person using the bike but also those around that person. The event has a very good safety record and this can only be maintained if bikes and riders are fully prepared on the day.

The four challenges are not races and should not be treated as a race although it is recognised that there will be competitors who wish to set themselves a time goal and try and achieve this goal. However the main objective for most participants, particularly in rides A & B will be to complete the course and enjoy the day out.

Ride A - Green Route - 34 Miles

This ride is designed for those who have never ridden for any great distance, are new to the sport or just want a relaxing day on the bike to enjoy the countryside. This ride can be completed on most type of bike as long as it is safe and roadworthy. There are no big hills and therefore an extreme range of gears are not required for this ride. If a mountain bike is being used it is advisable not to use "Off Road" tyres as this just makes it all the harder to pedal on the road. As there will be many participants on the day a brake and tyre check is a must!

Clothing should be practical and layered. Specific cycle clothing is the best option but gym clothing will do as long as suitable shorts are worn. As the event is in June it is unlikely that warm clothing will be needed but if it is overcast and rain forecast a rain jacket is a good option to carry. There is no need to overload the bike with pannier bags, food, extra clothing etc as there are many stops on the route. Experience will teach you what is practical to take with you and a water bottle and a spare inner tube and pump are a must every time you go out. Correct position on the bike is also important and you can obtain advice from experienced cyclists you may know or from your local bike shop.

Training for this event should start with a few cycle rides out into the Countryside of no more than 10mls which you should easily be able to achieve in one hour after a few weeks. However if the weather is poor just go to the gym or for a swim or even a run. Try and get out at least once a week and preferably with a friend or family member. The miles always go by quicker when you have someone to chat to and to provide mutual encouragement. Riding with others also teaches you bike control and how to ride in a group as there will be many riders on the road during the event. During March and April rides should gradually increase in length up to about 20mls. All rides should be done, as far as is practical, on country roads or cycleways. Try and avoid all main roads. When riding observe the Highway Code and be assertive at all times. Ensure that any traffic knows where you are going by signalling clearly and positioning yourself correctly on the road.

Ride B - Blue Route - 64 Miles

This ride is designed for those who have done a few rides of 40 miles or more at some point. It is for the slightly more experienced rider or someone who does other sports and is fit. It is not to be undertaken lightly as it is a hilly ride with a real sting in the tail. However it is achievable for someone who wants a challenge and is correctly prepared and has a suitable bike. Bikes for this ride need to be in very good mechanical order with a good range of gears and road tyres. There are lots of climbs and descents on this ride as it goes out into the Northumbrian countryside. The scenery makes it a joy to ride this route and there are nice cafés and pubs along its length.

Clothing for this ride is also important as more hours will be spent in the saddle than ride A. The three points of contact, namely hands feet and bottom, need to be comfortable and be suitably attired. It is possible to do this ride in normal trainers but cycling shoes are advised as well as cycling mitts and cycling shorts. It is always advisable to wear layered clothing which can be added if the weather becomes cold (hopefully this will not be the case!). Do not overdress as you can become very warm whilst cycling. If necessary take advice from more experienced riders or your local bike shop.

For those who have entered this ride and are not experienced it is necessary to gain a reasonable level of fitness in advance of the day. Training should start before Easter with rides of 25-30mls and gradually build up to 40mls plus before the day of the event. These rides should be done preferably with friends who may be riding on the day as well. You should aim to get out at least once a week as long as the weather is OK and increase the number of times per week once the clocks change. If the weather is poor go to the gym or do some exercises that will stand you in good stead for when the weather improves.

Ride C - Red Route - 90 Miles
This ride of 90mls was been added in 2016 at the request of some riders who want a serious challenge but do not want to do 100mls. This ride uses a combination of Rides B and D and you have to be an experienced cyclist to tackle this ride. The advice given to Ride D also apply to this ride.

Ride D - Black Route - 106 Miles

This ride is only suitable for experienced cyclists or someone who is very fit. Bike needs to be a suitable road bike or MTB/Hybrid with a minimum 39/25 ratio. A 28T bottom sprocket is not essential, nor is a compact chainset. However you may need both depending of level of fitness.  The ride could be done on an ATB with slicks but is not advisable unless you are used to riding one for this distance and at a reasonable speed. Remember there is 7780 ft of climbing and the route is very "undulating!"

For those from warmer climates or the "South" it is advisable to be aware that it can get quite exposed once up in the Cheviots and it is best to carry a race cape or Gilet, even on a warm day. Two bottles are also recommended as habitation is a bit sparse on parts of the route.

Training - if advice needs to be sought, think twice about doing this ride. There is always next year and Ride B may be more suitable. If in doubt contact the organiser for advice.
There will be a cut off time for riders doing this ride at the third feed station in the village of Elsdon. If you arrive in Elsdon after 3pm you will be directed up the "Gibbet" onto Ride C. This should ensure that all riders are safely back to Newcastle Falcons by 6.00pm.
Massage and Physiotherapy
Physiohaüs is a Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and Bike Fit Clinic based in Jesmond and will be the official massage and treatment Partner for the 2017 event.
Here at Physiohaüs our primary aim is to optimise and accelerate your recovery by bringing a highly skilled team together under one roof to provide the best quality Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy services in Newcastle.
Physiohaüs is the home of the UK's leading Retül 3d motion capture bike fit studio, allowing us to offer a world class service to all level of cyclists.
Owner John Dennis was the first certified Retül fitter 6 years ago and has worked as Europe's lead Retül instructor for the past 5.
With vast experience of working with amateur to professional triathletes and Tour de France teams, both as a fitter and physiotherapist, how your body moves correctly on your bike will be optimised to encompass your goals.
All our physiotherapists are registered with the Health Professionals Council so you can ensure your assessment and treatment are carried out to the highest of standards and we are recognised by all the major private medical insurance companies.
We are open Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 8pm, Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm, call our reception team on 0191 2817703 to make an appointment.
All Cyclone participants receive a discount on pre-and post-event treatment and our bike fit services.  

£10 off initial physio appointment, £5 off follow-ups, £20 off bike fit appointments and £5 off all other services.
Quote Cyclone to obtain the offer.


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