Your Cyclone Easter Checklist

Thursday, 13th April, 2017

Happy Easter! With two months to go and 50 days left to enter, Easter is a great time to get yourself organised ahead of the Cyclone Festival of Cycling, NE England's biggest cycling event, which is based in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, 16-18 June.

1/ Enter now & don't miss out. Entries for our challenge and family/leisure rides close on Tuesday 6 June, that's 10 days before the Cyclone Festival of Cycling begins.
 - Tyne 6 Bridges Leisure Rides (10 or 15 miles), 6.15 pm, Fri 16 June - Enter Now
 - Cyclone Challenge Rides (34, 64, 90 or 106 miles), Sat 17 June - Enter Now
2/ Do your homework - there's lots of information on all our events here on our website - we also put out daily updates on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, we have a big bank of videos for you to watch on our video channel. These include guides to major climbs like The Ryals, The Gibbett and Bilsmoor.
3/ Top Tips For Success - visit our website for our exclusive guides to training, preparing for and riding our events -  Eating & Drinking on long rides / Climbing Tips / A Rider's Guide to Training / Fitting more cycling into your life /
4/ Children of the Cyclone: The Cyclone Festival of Cycling has a lot of opportunities for younger cyclists. In a special feature on our website, we meet a very young rider and look at the Cyclone events that children can take part in.

And, if you're still not sure whether to join us, here are a couple of videos that might help you decide!

5 Great Reasons to Ride - The Cyclone Challenge Rides

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