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Physiotherapy Matters Blog

Physiotherapy Matters Blog

March 11, 2020 | 3months | GENERAL

We catch up with Physiotherapy Matters, our official partners, as they look for ward to the Cyclone Festival in their latest blog:


Here at Physiotherapy matters we are excited to announce we are one of the sponsors of the cyclone event. Our team of physiotherapists will be ready at the end to offer post event massage for all entrants. Massages will be £10 for a 15-minute massage.

The benefits of post ride massage for cyclist is massive. Firstly, it improves your circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area and getting rid of waste products. It also helps to alleviate muscular pain and releases tightness in muscles to speed up recovery in between rides. So, when is the best time to have a massage? If you are needing a general ‘flush’ for fatigued legs directly post event is the perfect time. If you have an injury and have any redness or swelling, we recommend you wait 48 hours to allow the swelling to subside then book in for a deep tissue massage.

Incorporating massage into your training in the lead up to the Cyclone event can be hugely beneficial. Start by having massage treatments once or twice per month to begin with. You could increase this to once or twice a week in the month before the cyclone event. This will fully prepare your muscles for the event and help you recover much faster.
One further important consideration when preparing for the big event should be incorporating strength training into your weekly routine. Not only should this play a vital role in the build-up, but you should try to make it a staple part of your training all year round.

This is crucial for a few reasons namely to prevent injuries, preserve muscle mass, improve coordination and stability and generally make you an all-round better competitor. Here at physiotherapy matters we run a small group class specifically for cyclists looking to incorporate resistance work into their training. It is delivered by a fully qualified physiotherapist and Personal trainer so we understand your training needs and can help you achieve your goals. Classes run Tuesday evenings 6.30 - 7.30 and we welcome any cyclists who would like to come and have a free taster session.

If you would like to get in touch to book some massage sessions in the run up to the cyclone you can book 30 minutes for £30 or 60 minutes for £50 at one of our 3 clinics in either Gosforth, Newcastle City centre or Darras hall. We also run a block booking discount of 6 for 5 which would be a big saving for those planning a few treatments running up to the event. Classes are £10 per class or block book 6 for 5. Get in touch on 03332200238.


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