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Tyne 6 Bridges Family/Leisure Rides

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2021 Tyne 6 Bridges Rides 

Many thanks to all the riders who came along and supported our event. We enjoyed every minute of your company and look forward to seeing you in 2022.  


Final Instructions For Riders

A gentle ride along flat trails beside one of the UK's most important waterways, where the mix of stunning modern architecture and historic bridges creates a fascinating backdrop. There are two routes of 10.5 miles and 15 miles, both ideal for those who want a leisurely cycling experience. The rides use the largely traffic-free Sustrans Routes 72 & 14 along the north and south banks of the Tyne heading out in a westerly direction.


  • The Tyne 6 Bridges Rides sign-on/registration is open from 4pm until 7.30pm.
  • Adults & Children: All riders aged 14 and over must sign on individually. Parents/guardians of children under 14 must sign-on on their behalf. All riders under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during their ride. An adult may accompany more than one child. 
  • What To Bring: To make the process as quick as possible, please bring to sign-on/registration a copy of your entry reference ID number which you will have received when you originally entered the event (a print-off of the confirmation email is ideal). Alternatively, a driver’s licence or similar document with your name on it. 
  • Covid-19 Precautions: We will be following social distancing guidelines during this process, more details of which you can find below. However, there will also be plenty of clear signage and marshals to help you.
  • Please note, there are no entries available on the day. Entries closed 28 June.

Start Times

You can choose on the day which ride you wish to undertake. Riders will start from 6.15pm onwards. There are no allocated start times - start whenever you want after 6.15pm, but please follow the instructions of our marshals during the pre-start and start (more details on page 6). All riders should aim to complete their chosen ride by 9pm.

Riders will set off in pairs or singly in a steady “trickle”, not in larger groups as in previous years. We will aim to get you out on the road as promptly as possible once you are ready to depart. Please follow the directions of marshals and other event staff at all times.

At The Finish

Upon finishing, all riders will receive a T-shirt and Cyclone Goody Bag. Please aim to leave the event relatively promptly.


Download/Print These Instructions 

Download Printable Copy Of These Instructions 


Covid-19 Information For Participants

The Cyclone Festival of Cycling’s Covid-19 measures have been prepared in accordance with UK Government/DCMS (Step 3 of UK Government Roadmap) regulations and advice per national briefing 14/06/2021 and the British Cycling Way Forward Issue 2 updated 24/05/21 (Step 3 of UK Government Roadmap).

Risk Assessment
Amongst the measures we’re taking to make the 2021 Cyclone Festival of Cycling safe are the following:
• Additional signage and marshals
• Registration undertaken outdoors rather than indoors.
• Pre-event payment means that registration/sign-on involves a riders simply showing ID, so there is no pen sharing etc.
• Management of toilet queues, plus regular cleaning of busy areas & facilities like toilets
• Assembly outdoors with staggered arrivals and departures

Your Covid-19 Status
You are asked not to attend the event if you or anyone in your family, work or social contacts have any symptoms of Covid 19 or if you have have been advised to take a test or isolate due to being exposed to someone diagnosed with Covid 19.

All facilities have confirmed they will be operating to Covid 19 regulation guidance.

Event Registration

Event Registration/Signing On will be done by the Registration Team following a visual ID of Participant documentation (i.e. no pens/paper). Friday evening registration will be held outdoors with appropriate social distancing (minimum 1 metre).

Pre-Event Rider Assembly and Event Start
Pre-Event Assembly for the Tyne 6 Bridges event will be in family/social groups of up to 30 riders, socially distanced with 2 metres between groups and maintaining a minimum distance of 1 metre distance within the group. Group size of up to 15 riders will then be released on to the route allowing gaps between groups to be maintained.

Post Event
Riders will be able to collect goody bags and refreshments in a safe way and are then asked to leave the event promptly and avoid prolonged socialising.

Sanitisation Stations
Sanitisation Stations (gel/wipes sprays/cloths) will be available at all registration points and feeding stations and toilets. Single use refreshments will be used where possible. Where this is not possible, sanitisation will take place after each use – for example with water/energy drink containers.

First Aid
First Aiders (St John Ambulance) will follow medical protocol for close contact treatment and transportation.

Test and Trace
As all riders must pre-enter the event and register/sign-on against those entry details to take part in the rides. Therefore relevant contact details are available for any NHS Test and Trace contact. Contact details are securely kept as required by the Data Protection Act 2018. 


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