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Training Plans

Training Plans

August 6, 2019 | 5months | Training Tips


12 WEEK OFF-SEASON TRAINING PLAN - The 12-week British Cycling Off-Season Base Builder plan is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders who are looking to build base fitness. Whether your goals for next season are sportives, road races or time trials, this structured plan will help you to lay down the essential foundations for success. View Training Plan

8 WEEK PRE-SEASON PLAN - The 8-week British Cycling Pre-Season plan is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders and is designed to follow on from the 12-week British Cycling Off-Season Base Builder plan. View Training Plan


SIX WEEK PANIC PLAN - The British Cycling seven week panic plan is ideal for already active non cyclists (squash players, runners, swimmers, footballers etc) or cyclists who have recently neglected their training. In seven weeks it will have you ready to tackle a 60-mile (100 km) sportive. That's perfect if you are tackling the 64 or even, at a push, the 90 mile Cyclone Challenge Rides. View Training Plan

8 WEEK SOFA TO 50KM PLAN - The British Cycling 8-week sofa to 50 km training plan is ideal for the complete cycling novice who is currently sedentary and is looking to tackle a challenge or charity ride. That's perfect for someone who has entered our 34 mile Challenge Ride or even the Tyne 6 Bridges rides. View Training Plan
OTHER TRAINING PLANS - British Cycling also have a range of other plans for riders preparing for sportives and other longer and more challenging rides - view them on their website

Friday 26th June - Tyne 6 Bridges Rides: two short (10 & 15 miles), fun, traffic-free routes alongside the river Tyne, starting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and passing many of the city's landmark buildings and the buzzing regenerated riverside. The perfect way to spend a relaxing evening with friends and family, young and old.

Saturday 27th June - Cyclone Challenge Rides: four beautiful routes of 34, 65, 93 or 108 miles. All pass through Northumberland's unique scenery of heather moorland, lush river valleys & peaceful farmland. With well-stocked free feed stations plus village halls selling delicious home-made cakes and teas.


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